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Curse Of The Pink Panther (1983)

When Inspector Clouseau goes missing, Interpol’s computer is secretly programmed by Clouseau’s boss (Herbert Lom) to select the world’s worst detective to search for his unwanted employee.

Bumbling New York cop Clifton Sleigh (Ted Wass) is chosen and sets about interviewing characters from previous movies, among them David Niven, Capucine and Robert Wagner, and their reveries provide the excuse for out-takes from the previous Pink Panther films.

Without any original input from Peter Sellers, this seventh instalment in Blake Edwards’s comedy series produces negligible humour.

This was David Niven’s last film. What a pity he had to go like this.


Sir Charles Litton
David Niven
Officer Clifton Sleigh
Ted Wass
George Litton
Robert Wagner
Chief Inspector Dreyfus
Herbert Lom
Countess Chandra
Joanna Lumley
Lady Litton
Bruno Langlois
Robert Loggia
Professor Auguste Balls
Harvey Korman
Burt Kwouk
Juleta Shane
Leslie Ash
Sergeant François Duval
André Maranne
Colonel Bufoni
Peter Arne
Michelle Chauvin
Patricia Davis
Valencia Police Chief
Michael Elphick
Mr Chong
Ed Parker
Donald Sumpter
President of Lugash
Harold Kasket
Liz Smith
Danny Schiller
President of France
Lawrence Davidson
E.N.T. Doctor
Bill Nighy
Hugo the Houseman
William Abney
Dr Stang
Hugh Fraser
Maurice Steiger
Maurice O’Connell
Commissioner of Police
John Joyce
Gino Rossi
Christopher Reich
Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau
Roger Moore

Blake Edwards