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Dead Calm (1989)

When Australian naval officer John Ingram (Sam Neill) and his young wife Rae (Nicole Kidman) chance upon suave American nutter Hughie Warriner (Billy Zane), a therapeutic yachting trip in the Pacific – to help them come to terms with the tragic death of their young son – turns deadly.

John leaves Rae in charge of their yacht Saracen, while he investigates the American’s stricken schooner Orpheus. To his horror, the ship is full of body parts.

As he rushes back, Warriner escapes from a locked cabin and takes control of the Saracen.

Nicole Kidman and director Phillip Noyce were catapulted into the Hollywood frontline by this ingenious psychological thriller in the grand Hitchcock tradition.


John Ingram
Sam Neill
Rae Ingram
Nicole Kidman
Hughie Warriner
Billy Zane
Russell Bellows
Rod Mullinar
Joshua Tilden
George Shevtsov

Phillip Noyce