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Delinquents, The (1989)

Featuring the movie debut of pop goddess Kylie Minogue, The Delinquents is set in Australia during the 1950s and presents a gritty love story between two adolescents – Lola Lovell (Kylie) and Brownie Hansen (Charlie Schlatter).


Lola and Brownie turn to a life of petty crime when their parents try to break up their relationship.

The Delinquents was written by Criana Rohan (auntie of tennis player Pat Cash) and received critical acclaim and commercial success in Europe and Australia but failed to make an impact in the US.

David Bowie was originally set to work on the soundtrack but pulled out of the project due to touring commitments.

Lola Lovell
Kylie Minogue
Brownie Hansen
Charlie Schlatter
Desirée Smith
Todd Boyce
Mrs Lovell
Angela Punch McGregor
Mrs Hansen
Lynette Curran
Aunt Westbury
Melissa Jaffer
Bruno Lawrence

Chris Thomson