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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)

This proficient remake of the old David Niven/Marlon Brando screwball comedy Bedtime Story (1964) attempted to cruise by on star power alone. Michael Caine played the veteran con-man making a comfortable living on the Riviera, who takes brash American Steve Martin under his wing.

However, the pair fall out when they compete to take rich heiress Glenne Headly to the cleaners.

Caine more than held his own against the manic Martin, and, if the script offered few surprises, the South of France looked great and director Frank Oz ensured the action slipped along smoothly.

The result was harmless, knockabout fun.

Lawrence Jamieson
Michael Caine
Freddy Benson
Steve Martin
Janet Colgate
Glenne Headly
Inspector André
Anton Rodgers
Fanny Eubanks
Barbara Harris
Ian McDiarmid
Mrs Reed
Dana Ivey
Krista Knudsen
Aina Wallé
Nathalie Auffret

Frank Oz