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Disorderlies (1987)

With a combined weight of half a ton – and that’s without the obligatory gold teeth and chains – it was hard to ignore rappers the Fat Boys during the mid-1980s. However, their attempt to break into the movies is unlikely to stand the test of time.

This Three Stooges-influenced screwball comedy sees the boys (playing hospital orderlies) coming to the aid of millionaire Ralph Bellamy, who’s about to be murdered by an evil nephew.

Bellamy’s career survived this turkey unscathed – he went on to collect an honorary Oscar the same year – but the Fat Boys’ bumbling, bouncy presence soon grates upon the brain.

Kool Rock
Damon Wimbley
Darren Robinson
Mark Morales
Albert Dennison
Ralph Bellamy
Tony Plana
Winslow Lowry
Anthony Geary
Luis Montana
Marco Rodriguez
Troy Beyer

Michael Schultz