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Doctor Detroit (1983)

Dan Aykroyd featured in his first leading role (not long after the death of his partner John Belushi) as mild-mannered midwestern WASP college teacher, Clifford Skridlow, getting mixed up with some hookers.

The premise gave him full rein to showcase all of his comic talents, and he is particularly good as a ludicrously OTT pimp.

He is let down, however, by a loose script and crude direction by Michael Pressman.

Clifford Skridlow
Dan Aykroyd
Smooth Walker
Howard Hesseman
Diavolo Washington
T K Carter
Monica McNeil
Donna Dixon
Thelma Cleland
Lynn Whitfield
Jasmine Wu
Lydia Lei
Karen Blittstein
Fran Drescher
Kate Murtagh

Michael Pressman