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Don’t Open Till Christmas (1984)

Inspector Harris and Detective Sergeant Powell investigate a series of killings of Santa Claus’s.

The killer is revealed as Daily News reporter, Giles Morgan, who – coincidentally – is Harris’ brother.

He has been killing Santas because they remind him of Christmas. A flashback reveals, as a child, he saw his father, dressed as Santa, necking with a partygoer at their house.

When his mother intervened his father knocked her downstairs, killing her.

Giles himself falls down some stairs to his death.

Finally, at home on Christmas Day, Harris opens a present from Giles marked “Don’t open till Christmas”. It is a music box with a revolving Santa: Harris listens to it but it explodes.


Inspector Harris
Edmund Purdom
Detective Sergeant Powell
Mark Jones
Alan Lake
Belinda Mayne
Cliff Boyd
Gerry Sundquist
Caroline Munro
Kevin Lloyd
Wendy Danvers
Doctor Brindle
Nicholas Donnelly
Pat Astley
Kate’s father
Laurence Harrington
“Experience” girl
Kelly Baker
“Experience” Santa Claus
Wilfred Corlett
Theatre Santa
Ricky Kennedy
Dungeon Santa
Sid Wragg
Store Santa
Max Roman
Market Santa
George Pierce
Drunken Santa
Ashley Dransfield
Circus Santa 1
Derek Ford
Circus Santa 2
Adrian Black
Santa in car
John Ashton

Edmund Purdom