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Down On Us (Beyond The Doors) (1984)

A film about how government assassin Alex Stanley (Sandy Kenyon) killed Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison from conspiracy buff Larry Buchanan.

A lot of time is spent showing actor clones of the rock stars live in concert with each of them performing three songs each that kind of sound sort of like songs made famous by the originals – but not enough for Buchanan to have to pay any copyright fees. The only song he could get away with copying is The Star-Spangled Banner.

Jimi (Gregory Allen Chatman) and Janis (Riba Meryl) meet and sing drunken blues together backstage. Janis confronts Morrison in the ladies’ room. You get to see Jimi pose with topless blondes for an LP cover, meet “the Plaster Casters,” and watch a New York drag show, and see Janis shooting up while watching Vietnam war footage on TV.

Our man from the government snuffs two of the stars, but Jim Morrison (Bryan Wolf) fakes his own death in Paris and hides out in a Spanish monastery (!) where he later dies anyway.

The movie is too long, too dark and too cheap and no matter who’s supposed to be playing in whichever city, they always seem to be on the same stage in front of the same audience!

The film was released with the new title Beyond The Doors to cash in on Oliver Stone’s 1991 movie The Doors.

Alex Stanley
Sandy Kenyon
Joe Camp
Mrs Stanley
Toni Sawyer
Frank Stanley
Steven Tice
Jennifer Wilde
Jimi Hendrix
Gregory Allen Chatman
Janis Joplin
Riba Meryl
Jim Morrison
Bryan Wolf
Al Long
David DeShay
Limo Driver
Dan Priest
Phyllis Durant
Les Hatfield
Harold Wayne Jones
Susanne Barnes
Granville D. Wolfe
Miami Cop
Michael W. Green
Richard Kennedy

Larry Buchanan