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Dream Demon (1988)

Upper-class English rose Diana Markham (Jemma Redgrave) and spikey American goth Jenny Hoffman (Kathleen Wilhoite) find themselves linked by a house: Jenny through a pre-adoption childhood she can’t remember, and Diana by the nightmares the house is giving her . . .

An artist bursts into flames in his studio and is hideously reduced to a smouldering skeleton . . . a maggot bursts through a doll’s skull . . . a helpless child freezes over with ice and then helplessly melts away into a pool of liquid residue . . .

Russell Peck (Timothy Spall) and Paul Lawrence (Jimmy Nail) are muck-raking tabloid journalists who get sucked into the layers of surreal dreams that the women battle through.

It’s like Inception if Inception had a zombie Timothy Spall getting punched right through the head.

Diana Markham
Jemma Redgrave
Jenny Hoffman
Kathleen Wilhoite
Russell Peck
Timothy Spall
Paul Lawrence
Jimmy Nail
Mark Greenstreet
Dr Deborah
Susan Fleetwood
Little Jenny
Annabelle Lanyon
Jenny’s Father
Nickolas Grace
Patrick O’Connell
Andrew Jones
Reverend Webb
Richard Warner

Harley Cokliss