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Dream Team, The (1989)

Michael Keaton plays a silver-tongued, lovable rogue in this light-hearted spin on One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), in which a group of four inmates from a psychiatric hospital slip the leash while on a day trip to New York to watch a baseball game when their doctor is waylaid by a pair of crooked cops.

He also benefits from a gallery of accomplished supporting players, most notably an anal-retentive Christopher Lloyd and Peter Boyle as the reformed advertising executive with a Christ complex.

Director Howard Zieff makes an occasional attempt at seriousness, but, for the most part, keeps the laughs flowing smoothly.

Billy Caulfield
Michael Keaton
Henry Sikorsky
Christopher Lloyd
Jack McDermott
Peter Boyle
Albert Ianuzzi
Stephen Furst
Dr Weitzman
Dennis Boutsikaris
Lorraine Bracco
Dr Newald
Milo O’Shea
Philip Bosco
James Remar
Dr Talmer
Jack Gilpin
Dr Verboven
MacIntyre Dixon
Michael Lembeck

Howard Zieff