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Driving Miss Daisy (1989)

Chauffeur Hoke Colburn (Morgan Freeman) sits in the front seat of the car with his hands on the steering wheel, but the driver’s seat is really behind him. That’s where Miss Daisy (Jessica Tandy) sits.

Miss Daisy doesn’t want the chauffeur her son (Dan Aykroyd) has provided, and she won’t give in. And neither will Hoke.

For two people so different, they have a lot in common. And the bumpy road they travel ultimately leads to the friendship of a lifetime.


Starting in Atlanta in 1948, we follow Miss Daisy and Hoke for a period of 25 years.

They drive around together, they chat a lot, they appear to like each other – end of movie.

Alfred Uhry adapted his own play for the big-screen, and although the film’s stage roots do show (the action remains very dialogue-intense), some settings vary and it is not at all claustrophobic.

Driving Miss Daisy received Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Actress (Tandy), Best Screenplay and Best Makeup.

The movie also attracted criticism from some African American groups as perpetuating and celebrating the demeaning way in which blacks used to be treated in the USA.

Miss Daisy Werthan
Jessica Tandy
Hoke Colburn
Morgan Freeman
Boolie Werthan
Dan Aykroyd
Florine Werthan
Patti LuPone
Esther Rolle
Miss McClatchey
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Dr Weil
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