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Drugstore Cowboy (1989)

This provocative and downbeat drama set in early 1970s Oregon looks at the sordid life of four junkies who rob pharmacies to support their habits, led by the superstitious Bob Hughes (Matt Dillon).

On their trail is a policeman who has sworn to bring Bob to justice.

Director Gus Van Sant brings an extraordinary visual style to this credible, non-judgemental portrayal of addiction, which is based on an unpublished semi-autobiographical novel by prisoner James Fogle.

Dillon gives a compelling performance in the lead and The Naked Lunch author William S Burroughs appears in a cameo as a priest turned dope fiend.

Bob Hughes
Matt Dillon
Dianne Hughes
Kelly Lynch
James Remar
James LeGros
Heather Graham
Drug counsellor
Beah Richards
Bob’s mother
Grace Zabriskie
Max Perlich
Tom the Priest
William S Burroughs
Eric Hull

Gus Van Sant