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Elephant Man, The (1980)

Producer Mel Brooks fought for years to bring the true story of John Merrick – cruelly nicknamed the ‘Elephant Man’ due to his large tumours – to the big screen. He fought equally hard to bring David Lynch onboard – a connoisseur of the grotesque – to direct this touching story of a hideously deformed man in Victorian London.

This was the time of Sweeney Todd and Jack the Ripper murders and the flavour, fever, and ferment of those times are beautifully reflected in the sombre black-and-white cinematography, filmed on London’s cobbled back streets with a backdrop of industrial sounds (clocks, machinery, gas). The film actually feels as if it were made a century ago.

John Merrick (John Hurt in a stunning performance full of sensitivity and dignity that radiates from beneath the tons of makeup that make him unrecognisable) suffers from an unknown disorder, believed to be elephantiasis.

A victim of ignorance, he is an object of ridicule and brutality as a carnival freak where he suffers at the hands of his ‘owner’, Bytes (Freddie Jones) until well-meaning surgeon Sir Frederick Treves (Anthony Hopkins) rescues him and takes him to London Hospital, where he is treated with compassion.

Merrick tries fitting into a world whose first reaction to his deformed visage is shock and revulsion. Trained in the etiquette and formalities of the times, the gentle Merrick cannot overcome the prejudice and distaste of many of those around him.

He is abducted from the safety of the hospital by Bytes, and whisked to the continent and put back on public display, but he escapes and returns by ship to England.

Sadly, his disease turns out to be incurable, and after discovering he is dying, Merrick chooses to commit suicide and falls asleep soothed by dreams of his beloved mother.

The film (and the play) raised the moral question of whether Merrick was really helped by this humanising process or indeed was exploited on yet another higher level as a medical oddity and a martyr of society.

Spooky, shocking, sad . . . and true.

John Merrick
John Hurt
Dr Frederick Treves

Anthony Hopkins
Carr Gomm

John Gielgud

Freddie Jones
Mrs Kendal

Anne Bancroft 

Wendy Hiller
Mrs Treves

Hannah Gordon
Night Porter

Michael Elphick

David Lynch