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Eureka (1982)

A gold prospector strikes it rich and lives in the lap of luxury on a Caribbean island until his headstrong daughter’s troubles and a gang of Miami thugs cause his downfall.

Gene Hackman (in a scorching performance) stars as the prospector who finds a fortune in gold but no joy in his life, particularly when his daughter (Theresa Russell) takes up with a dissolute playboy (Rutger Hauer).


Confrontation is inevitable and it all takes place at Hackman’s Caribbean mansion where mobsters Mickey Rourke and Joe Pesci violently intrude to get their hands on a piece of the action.

The plot does meander about on occasion but the combination of a terrific cast, some stunning imagery, and a story reeking with primal forces, ensures that the film is never less than interesting.

Nicolas Roeg has been responsible for some great movies – Performance (1970), Walkabout (1970), Don’t Look Now (1973) – and though this torrid tale of greed, gold and gangsters isn’t one of them, there’s still enough of the director’s distinctive style to grab the attention.

Jack McCann
Gene Hackman
Theresa Russell
Claude Maillot Van Horn
Rutger Hauer
Helen McCann
Jane Lapotaire
Aurelio D’Amato
Mickey Rourke
Charles Perkins
Ed Lauter
Joe Pesci
Helena Kallianiotes
Corin Redgrave
Joe Spinell
Byron Judson
Norman Beaton
James Faulkner

Nicolas Roeg