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Evil Angels (1988)

On the night of 17 August 1980, mother-of-three Lindy Chamberlain (Meryl Streep) watches a dingo carry her baby daughter, Azaria, from a tent near Uluru (then known as Ayers Rock) in central Australia. Azaria’s body is never found.

A Northern Territory coroner’s inquest clears Lindy and her husband, Pastor Michael Chamberlain (Sam Neill), of any wrongdoing. Convinced the Chamberlains are guilty, police led by Detective Charlwood (Nick Tate) use questionable forensic findings and circumstantial evidence to charge Lindy with murder and Michael with being an accessory.

evilangels12In the lead-up to the trial, public sympathy for Lindy is overtaken by rumour and malicious gossip. Many Australians are convinced Azaria’s death and the Chamberlain’s apparent lack of remorse are related to the couple’s Seventh-day Adventist beliefs.

Amid a media frenzy, chief prosecutor Ian Barker QC (Bruce Myles) convinces the jury of Lindy’s guilt and she is sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.

On 15 September 1988, following the chance discovery of critical new evidence, Lindy’s conviction is quashed and the case declared a miscarriage of justice.

A well written, directed and performed drama based on the most sensational true case in Australian legal history. Released in some markets as A Cry In The Dark .

Lindy Chamberlain
Meryl Streep
Michael Chamberlain
Sam Neill
Aidan, aged 6
Dale Reeves
Aidan, aged 8
David Hoflin
Aidan, aged 11
Jason Reason
Reagan, aged 4
Michael Wetter
Reagan, aged 6
Kane Barton
Reagan, aged 9
Trent Roberts
Lauren Shepherd (1)
Bethany Ann Prickett (2)
Alison O’Connell (3)
Aliza Dason (4)
Cliff Murchison
Brian Jones
Avis Murchison
Dorothy Alison
Maurie Fields
Peter Hosking
Matthew Barker
Peter Dean
Bruce Kilpatrick
Justice Muirhead
Charles Tingwell
Bruce Myles
Neil Fitzpatrick
Dennis Miller
Lewis Fitzgerald
Brendan Higgins
Ian Swan
Robert Wallace
Joy Kuhl
Sandy Gore
Professor Cameron
Kevin Miles
Dr. Brown
Edgar Metcalfe
Professor Chaikin
Gary Files
Peter Aanensen
Professor Boettcher
Jon Finlayson
Professor Nairn
David Ravenswood
Les Harris
Roderick Williams

Fred Schepisi