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Extremities (1986)

Is Extremities controversial or exploitative? There’s a large helping of both as Marjorie Easton (Farrah Fawcett) escapes would-be rapist, Joe (James Russo), one night in a shopping centre – only for him to return and terrorise her in her own suburban home.

The surprise comes when she turns the tables on him, but this leads to a relentless catalogue of brutality that never truly tackles the sensitive subject at hand.

Robert M Young’s interpretation of William Mastrosimone’s play can’t hide its theatrical origins, and only succeeds in offending the audience as Fawcett’s character is humiliated and tortured while we helplessly – and voyeuristically – look on. It’s almost unbearable to watch.


Marjorie Easton
Farrah Fawcett 

James Russo 

Alfre Woodard 

Diana Scarwid 
Officer Sudow

Sandy Martin 
Joe’s Daughter

Danika Hendrickson 
Woman on Phone (voice)

Donna Lynn Leavy

Robert M Young