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Falcon and The Snowman, The (1985)

This convoluted spy thriller stars Timothy Hutton as a college dropout who obtains US secrets and, with his drug-addicted buddy Sean Penn, passes them on to the Soviet embassy in Mexico.

Purportedly based on fact, the movie is about the motives for treason and the loss of moral purpose in America, underlined by some heavy-handed flashbacks to Vietnam, the Kennedys, Martin Luther King and even John Lennon.

Directed with customary visual flair by John Schlesinger, from a screenplay by Steven Zaillian, who later wrote the film script for Schindler’s List (1993), it’s undeniably gripping if a little long and unfocused.

Christopher Boyce
Timothy Hutton
Daulton Lee
Sean Penn
Mr Boyce
Pat Hingle
Dr Lee
Richard Dysart
Lori Singer
David Suchet
Dorian Harewood
Mrs Lee
Priscilla Pointer
Nicholas Pryor
Kenny Kahn
Sam Ingraffia
Mady Kaplan
Mrs Boyce
Joyce Van Patten

John Schlesinger