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Final Conflict, The: Omen III (1981)

Damien Thorn, the human son of Satan, is a child no longer. He is now 33 and the head of the Thorn Corporation, and he’s about to strike his final blow for evil.

The Christ-child has been born again, on the Angel Isle (Great Britain) and Damien plans to kill him and prevent him from growing up.

Damien (New Zealand-born Sam Neill in his first international movie appearance) finds himself up against the seven deadly daggers of Meggido, the only element on earth capable of destroying infinite evil.

These daggers, long-buried, suddenly come to light amongst the foundations of the old Thorn Museum and are placed in the hands of seven dedicated men who are charged with eliminating the Anti-Christ and preserving our world for the Second Coming.

The cast also included Lisa Harrow, playing the role of TV reporter Kate Reynolds who is drawn into the final conflict when she interviews Damien when he becomes the new American Ambassador to the Court of St James (as Gregory Peck had been in the first Omen movie).

Producer Harvey Bernhard was emphatic at the time of filming that this would be the final movie in the Omen franchise (following The Omen in 1976 and Damien: Omen II in 1978), saying; “This is it. This is the final conflict, the last picture in the Omen trilogy. There cannot be a fourth because this is the final conflict instigated by the Anti-Christ”.

Still, Omen IV: The Awakening was released in 1991.

Damien Thorn
Sam Neill
Rossano Brazzi
Harvey Dean
Don Gordon
Kate Reynolds
Lisa Harrow
Peter Reynolds
Barnaby Holm
Mason Adams
American Ambassador
Robert Arden
Barbara Dean
Leueen Willoughby
Brother Benito
Marc Boyle
Brother Martin
Milos Kirek
Brother Mattius
Tommy Duggan
Brother Paulo
Louis Mahoney
Brother Simeon
Richard Oldfield
Brother Antonio
Tony Vogel
Arwen Holm

Graham Baker