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Final Countdown, The (1980)

The crew of the nuclear US aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, captained by Kirk Douglas, find themselves transported back in time to the day before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

The captain and crew must then decide whether to alter the course of history or let events play out as they originally did.

Actual US military stations, vehicles, and crew appeared in the film. Shooting also took place on board the real Nimitz and many of the real crew members were included in the production, with 48 being given actor credits in the film.

The Pearl Harbor attack footage was reused from Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970).

The film was expected to be a summer blockbuster but did rather poorly commercially. It has since developed a cult following amongst time travel buffs and military genre fans.

Capt. Matthew Yelland
Kirk Douglas
Warren Lasky
Martin Sheen
Laurel Scott
Katharine Ross
Cdr. Richard Owens/Mr.Tideman
James Farentino
Cdr. Dan Thurman
Ron O’Neal
Senator Samuel Chapman
Charles Durning
Black Cloud
Victor Mohica
Lt. Perry
James C. Lawrence
Soon-Tek Oh
Cdr. Damon
Joe Lowry
Lt. Kajima
Alvin Ing
Marine Cpl. Kullman
Mark Thomas
Harold Bergman
LCdr. Kaufman
Lloyd Kaufman

Don Taylor