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Friday the 13th, Part 3 (1982)

Ignoring the warning about Camp Crystal Lake’s bloody history, Chris Higgins (Dana Kimmel) spends a holiday weekend at Higgins Haven with her boyfriend Rick (Paul Kratka) and some friends.

Their idyllic weekend getaway turns into a nightmare, as Jason (Richard Brooker) once again lurks in the woods and one by one, teens fall victim to an unstoppable maniac.

The third film in the Friday the 13th series was released in 1982 in 3D and was the first movie in the series to feature Jason wearing a hockey mask, which subsequently became his trademark and one of the most recognisable images in popular culture.

friday13thpart33The film left a lasting legacy on the horror genre by opting to not provide any back-stories for the characters who die, focusing instead on Jason’s motives and going back to explain his past as a boy who had drowned in the lake due to the carelessness of others.

Jason comes back to avenge his death and slaughters innocent teens who visit his lake.

Friday the 13th Part III reinvents the franchise and totally solidifies Jason Voorhees as a horror movie icon.

This is the only Friday The 13th film in which none of the characters actually say the name Jason.

Maybe this is because Part III takes place just one day after Part II, and Jason’s legendary slasher exploits are effectively still developing over a long weekend at that point.