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Friday the 13th, Part 7: The New Blood (1988)

Tina Shepherd (Lar Park-Lincoln) – a young girl with ESP – visits Crystal Lake with her mother and psychiatrist. Her telekinetic powers accidentally resurrect Jason from his watery grave (again!).

The Jason formula hits rock bottom with this static, boring and threadbare episode, directed by B-movie man John Carl Buechler.

New Blood contains virtually no blood and Jason goes about his gory business unmasked in this, the weakest Friday the 13th sequel of all.

The stand-out scene is probably the sleeping bag murder, where Jason zips up an unlucky camper in a sleeping bag and then – like she’s a sack of potatoes – repeatedly slams the bag and camper into a tree trunk.


In some ways, this basic bludgeoning is the most brutal in the franchise.

Tina Shepherd
Lar Park-Lincoln
Kevin Spirtas
Dr Crews
Terry Kiser
Susan Jennifer Sullivan
Heidi Kozak
Kane Hodder
William Butler
Staci Greason

John Carl Buechler