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Galaxina (1980)

Galaxina is a late Star Wars (1977) spoof set in the 31st century and featuring lowbrow comedy, duff special effects, an awkward Alien (1979) parody and a central performance by Dorothy Stratten, murdered by her estranged husband on the very day it received its American premiere.


The doomed starlet is the robot navigator onboard intergalactic police cruiser number 308 – the Infinity – on a 28-year mission for the United Intergalactic Federation to recover possession of the powerful and hallowed Blue Star crystal.

The cruiser is captained by Cornelius Butt (Avery Schreiber) and the crew includes a sergeant called Thor (Stephen Macht), a cowboy called Buzz (David Hinton) and other assorted strange types: a proverb-sprouting Oriental, a black man with bat wings and a short, ugly monster who is held prisoner aboard the ship.

While the human crew are in cryogenic sleep en route to the outlaw planet Altar One, Galaxina reprograms herself to become more human so that she can love and be loved.

A “Human Restaurant” on one planet turns out to be a place where humans are served a la carte, and the same planet is also home to a group of 1950s-style motorcyclists who ride horses but worship a vintage Harley Davidson.

The special effects are passable and some of the alien costuming is excellent, but it’s a sad epitaph for Stratten whose life story was turned into the acclaimed Bob Fosse movie Star 80 (1983).

Dorothy Stratten
Stephen Macht
Ronald Knight
Lionel Smith
Sam Wo
Tad Horino
Captain Cornelius Butt
Avery Schreiber
Buzz James
David Hinton
Herb Kaplowitz
Nancy McCauley
Fred D. Scott

William Sachs