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George and Mildred (1980)

Millions of TV viewers came to love George and Mildred Roper and their life together at 46 Peacock Crescent, Hampton Wick.

Mildred was the go-ahead half of the partnership, a would-be social climber with a conversational wit and a dress sense that could be truthfully described as stunning. George, on the other hand, was all for the quiet life – a life, for example, which is not complicated by work.

It was inevitable that the successful television series would receive the big-screen treatment at some point. Unfortunately, despite having the same stars and director as the TV series, the absence of prolific sitcom writers Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke – replaced here by Dick Sharples – was all too obvious.

Mildred is determined to celebrate the anniversary of her wedding to George and to do it in style. It’s questionable whether George even remembers getting married, never mind celebrating the disaster. Resigned to his fate, however, he books a table at “their” restaurant where he had proposed to Mildred many moons ago.

The passing years, however, have not been kind to the restaurant which has deteriorated into a scruffy drivers’ pull up from which George and Mildred are only able to extricate themselves with difficulty.

Steadfastly refusing to give up, Mildred accepts an out-of-season package deal for a weekend at a plush London hotel. As they arrive at the hotel, George’s best clothes are killing him, while Mildred’s dazzling ensemble seems likely to kill the other guests.

They settle in to have a good time, moving with all innocence into a world of beautiful women, champagne, casinos and roses – until their naivety drops them into an underworld of crooked businessmen, hoods, and con men.

A case of mistaken identity makes George the unsuspecting target for a hitman.

The film was released in July 1980 on the ABC cinema circuit but was shown on television less than five months later, airing on ITV on Christmas Day immediately after the Queen’s Christmas Message.

Mildred Roper
Yootha Joyce
George Roper
Brian Murphy
Harry Pinto
Stratford Johns
Jeffrey Fourmile
Norman Eshley
Ann Fourmile
Sheila Fearn
Kenneth Cope
David Barry
Sue Bond
Tristram Fourmile
Nicholas Bond-Owen
Neil McCarthy
Dudley Sutton
Garfield Morgan
Harry Fowler
Spanish Businessman
Bruce Montague
Casino Supervisor
John Carlin
Roger Avon
Linda Frith
Dennis Ramsden
Bishop’s 1st Lady
Caron Gardner
Bishop’s 2nd Lady
Vicki Michelle

Peter Frazer Jones