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Get Crazy (1983)

A long-time employee of the legendary music venue Fillmore East in New York, director Allan Arkush was the right man for this rock-flavoured satire.

A spoof comedy, in which a New Year’s Eve concert is threatened by a trio of villains (Ed Begley Jr, Bobby Sherman and Fabian), it has actors playing musicians and vice versa.

Malcolm McDowell plays a Mick Jagger-like character named Reggie Wanker (pictured at right), while Lou Reed appears as Dylan clone Auden.

The cast is also speckled with dozens of cult movie mini-celebs, such as Mary Woronov, Paul Bartel and Dick Miller.

The Blues Brothers (1980) it ain’t, but as anarchic good cartoonish fun, it’s a laugh.

Reggie Wanker
Malcolm McDowell
Max Wolfe
Allen Garfield
Daniel Stern
Willy Loman
Gail Edwards
Sammy Fox
Miles Chapin
Colin Beverly
Ed Begley Jr
Stacey Nelkin
King Blues
Bill Henderson
Lou Reed
Bobby Sherman
Mary Woronov
Susie’s dad
Dick Miller

Allan Arkush