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Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1985)

American teen flicks are never short of clichés, and this musical comedy is no exception, packing in most of the genre conventions on the way to its wildly over-the-top all-dancing finale.

However, another confident performance by Sarah Jessica Parker, the bride-for-barter in Honeymoon in Vegas (1992), rescues this outing from obscurity.

Here she convincingly plays high-school student Janey Glenn who incurs her father’s wrath by entering a competition to find new dancers for a television dance programme.

girlshavefun5 girlshavefun2

Janey Glenn
Sarah Jessica Parker
Lynne Stone
Helen Hunt
Jeff Malene
Lee Montgomery
Maggie Malene
Shannen Doherty
Mr Malene
Biff Yeager
JP Sands
Morgan Woodward
Jonathan Silverman
Natalie Sands
Holly Gagnier
Mrs Glenn
Margaret Howell
Colonel Glenn
Ed Lauter
Zachary Glenn
Ian Giatti

Alan Metter