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Good Morning Vietnam (1987)

Good Morning Vietnam is a long, rambling and rather pointless vehicle for the multifaceted comic genius Robin Williams, but his performance is a one-man tour de force that cannot be forgotten.

As renegade airman disc jockey Adrian Cronauer, tweaking the nose of the military brass, breaking all the rules, and flaunting regulations, Williams brings laughs and lunacy to the troops in Vietnam and keeps them going while risking his own military future and even his life.

His morning radio show on the Armed Forces Network is an inventive mix of outrageous comic routines, controversial political humour and loud rock and soul music.

Williams goes berserk on the air, imitating everything from helicopter engines to Ethel Merman’s singing jamming the Viet Cong radar.


While many at the station celebrate this breath of fresh air, his immediate superiors – including a straight-laced lieutenant and an uptight sergeant major – are angered by his unconventional and unpredictable behaviour.

Meanwhile, Adrian’s pursuit of a beautiful Vietnamese girl, and his friendship with her brother, eventually get him into deep trouble with those who see all Vietnamese as the enemy.

Williams was Oscar-nominated for his incredible vocal gymnastics and sane-beneath-the-zany portrayal of real-life Armed Forces Radio DJ Adrian Cronauer.

Airman Adrian Cronauer
Robin Williams
Private Edward Garlick
Forest Whitaker
Tran Tung Thanh
Chintara Sukapatana
Lieutenant Steven Hauk
Bruno Kirby
Marty Lee Dreiwitz
Robert Wuhl
Sergeant-Major Dickerson
J T Walsh
General Taylor
Noble Willingham
Private Abersold
Richard Edson
Phil McPherson
Juney Smith
Dan “The Man” Levitan
Richard Portnow
Eddie Kirk
Floyd Vivino
Jimmy Wah
Nguyen Cu Ba
Sergeant Sloan
Mark Johnson
First censor
Dan R Stanton
Second censor
Don E Stanton

Barry Levinson