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Greetings From Wollongong (1982)

This short (45 minute) dramatised documentary follows a day in the life of four unemployed young adolescents – Debbie, Gina, Steve and Hickey – in the industrial city of Wollongong (Australia) who are confronted with an uncertain future.

The film follows the characters as they face rejection, boredom, social isolation, family tensions and lack of money. Set in the 1980s recession, it is a powerful portrait of a city under economic stress.

Made with non-professional actors, the film received critical acclaim, gaining awards and screening at the Melbourne and Sydney Film Festivals and the Australian Film Industry presentations.

Director Mary Callaghan passed away in 2016 after a long battle with cancer.


Tina Waller
Kevin Budgen
Lorraine Palamara
David Horridge

Mary Callaghan