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Happy Birthday to Me (1981)

Virginia Wainwright (Melissa Sue Anderson) is a volatile senior student who returns to school after a freak accident necessitating brain surgery which has blocked her memory. She knows her mother died in the tragedy but she remembers nothing else.

At school, she’s welcomed into an uninhibited inner circle of seniors calling themselves the “Top Ten” with whom she has an instant rapport.

Almost immediately, though, her friends start to disappear and Virginia becomes alarmed that there’s going to be nobody to attend her 18th birthday party – perhaps not even herself!

Produced in Canada, Happy Birthday To Me is a psychological mystery shocker in the true Alfred Hitchcock tradition – hardly surprising as director J. Lee Thompson learned his craft as Hitchcock’s dialogue director.

Melissa Sue Anderson makes her feature film debut in a role a million miles removed from her starring turn in the Little House On The Prairie television series.

Virginia Wainwright
Melissa Sue Anderson
Dr David Faraday
Glenn Ford
Hal Wainwright
Lawrence Dane
Estelle Wainwright
Sharon Acker
Mrs Patterson
Frances Hyland
Ann Thomerson
Tracey Bregman
Alfred Morris
Jack Blum
Steve Maxwell
Matt Craven
Lenore Zann
David Eisner
Lisa Langlois
Etienne Vercures
Michel-René Labelle
Greg Hellman
Richard Rebiere
Bernadette O’Hara
Lesleh Donaldson
Lieutenant Tracy
Earl Pennington
Murray Westgate
Professor Heregard
Jérôme Tiberghien
Dr Feinblum
Maurice Podbrey
Ms Calhoun
Karen Stephen

J. Lee Thompson