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Hearts of Fire (1987)

Bob Dylan is the reclusive ageing rocker Billy Parker who is coaxed out of retirement on a Pennsylvania chicken farm to travel to England and play at a golden oldies concert (along with Ron Wood and Ian Dury).

Parker asks talented local rock singer Molly McGuire (24-year-old unknown Fiona Flanagan) – who he has seen performing in a local Pennsylvania pub – to accompany him.

In England, her own career begins to take off as she falls in love with mega-successful, mega-rich pop star James Colt (Rupert Everett), who almost but not quite sends her down the wrong road.

A soundtrack album was released, but that’s even worse than the film (unless you really want to hear Rupert Everett strangling Soft Cell’s Tainted Love).

This was the last film made by director Richard Marquand. He died at the age of 49 following a stroke in September 1987 – before Hearts of Fire was released.

Billy Parker
Bob Dylan
Molly McGuire
Fiona Flanagan
James Colt
Rupert Everett
Julian Glover
Anne Ashton
Suzanne Bertish
Blind Woman
Susannah Hoffmann
Jack Rosner
Larry Lamb
Charlie Kelso
Maury Chaykin
Tony Rosato
Ian Dury
Pepper Ward
Richie Havens
Timmy Cappello
Stella Duncan-Petley
Lesleh Donaldson
Billy Block

Richard Marquand