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Heathers (1989)

The Heathers are three pompous, pretentious prom queens from an Ohio high school who set the social standards for power and popularity among the other students.

Winona Ryder is their new protégée, Veronica. She’s also rich, arrogant, and beautiful – but she’s a rebel.


After falling for the school outlaw JD (scruffy weirdo Christian Slater) she decides the cruel and abusive Heathers and the dumb jocks they hang out with are expendable.

So they feed one girl a bottle of liquid Drano, blast the football heroes with bullets, and justify each murder with “well, football season is over – they had nothing else to offer.”

By the time Veronica realises you can’t kill people just because they’re creeps (or  “Swatch Dogs” or “Diet Coke Heads”) JD has become a real psycho hell-bent on blowing up the entire school.

In the end, what begins as a neat satire on moronic teenage movies ends as another horror flick gross-out and the black comedy backfires.

Veronica Sawyer
Winona Ryder
Jason “JD” Dean
Christian Slater
Heather Duke
Shannen Doherty
Heather McNamara
Lisanne Falk
Heather Chandler
Kim Walker
Pauline Fleming
Penelope Milford
Father Ripper
Glenn Shadix
Kurt Kelly
Lance Fenton
Ram Sweeney
Patrick Labyorteaux
Peter Dawson
Jeremy Applegate

Michael Lehmann