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Highlander (1986)

You have to wonder if the language coach for Highlander ever worked again after you have listened to Christopher Lambert’s non-specific hodgepodge of an accent (he would have been better channelling his grunting ape-man from Greystoke) and Sean Connery’s Spanish/Scottish brogue.

In fact, which genius decided to cast a Frenchman as a Scot, a Scot as an Egyptian, and an ironing board as the love interest?

Although the dubious accents and Queen‘s It’s A Kind Of Magic theme song dominated the memory, the original (by Hollywood standards) plot and fast camera action from pop video director Mulcahy make an electrifying action-adventure drama out of this tale of an immortal warrior learning swordsmanship, battling through time to confront his power-hungry enemy in (where else?) modern-day New York.

It’s not without its clichés (evil guy kidnaps good guys girl, good guy saves girl), but the acting – even from Lambert who has never been as good since – and the glorious, rugged scenery (particularly those parts shot in Scotland), help make Highlander a cult treasure.

Lambert says “it’s a kind of magic” just before he goes off to the final battle, just to ensure you buy the album . . .

A TV series followed in 1992.

Russell Nash/Connor MacLeod
Christopher Lambert
Beatie Edney
Peter Diamond
Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez
Sean Connery
The Kurgan
Clancy Brown

Russell Mulcahy