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Howling, The (1981)

Emerging as the first in a spree of 80’s wolf movies, The Howling has it all: lupine howls drifting through dark woods, a secluded and creepy retreat that’s more than it seems, and the first, startling glimpse of lycanthropic metamorphosis.

After undergoing a disturbing ordeal involving a sex murderer, TV journalist Karen White (Dee Wallace) is advised by psychologist Dr George Waggner (Patrick Macnee) to recuperate at his remote meditation centre.


But after checking in with her husband, Karen hears sinister howling noises from nearby woods.

Executed with fluid precision, the film shows off tight direction, pioneering special effects and an engrossing story.

Packed with genre in-jokes and B-movie cameos, The Howling is almost as much fun as it is frightening and, while sullied by six abominable sequels, is a testament to the chilling power of the werewolf myth.

“Silver bullets or fire, that’s the only way to get rid of the damn things. They’re worse than cockroaches.”


Karen White
Dee Wallace
Dr George Waggner

Patrick Macnee

Dennis Dugan
Bill Neill

Christopher Stone
Terry Fisher

Belinda Balaski
Fred Francis

Kevin McCarthy
Erle Kenton

John Carradine
Sam Newfield

Slim Pickens
Marsha Quist

Elisabeth Brooks
Eddie Quist

Robert Picardo

Margie Impert
Charlie Barton

Noble Willingham
Jerry Warren

James Murtaugh
Lew Landers

Jim McKrell
T.C. Quist

Don McLeod
Walter Paisley (bookstore owner)

Dick Miller

Bill Sorrells

Mesach Taylor
Jack Molina

Ivan Saric

Joe Dante