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Hunger, The (1983)

After nearly a decade of directing TV adverts for the company he formed with his elder brother Ridley, Tony Scott made his movie debut – a bisexual vampire love triangle set in New York.

From the opening scene of goth punks Bauhaus howling Bela Lugosi’s Dead to David Bowie‘s fast-forward ageing, every shot is achingly beautiful. But reviewers slammed it as “MTV wank”. It took three more years before Scott got another movie . . .

hunger9The Hunger is essentially a horror film trying not to be one, and Scott’s glossy style did undermine the terror somewhat, despite stunning makeup effects.

When her centuries-old vampire lover (David Bowie) begins deteriorating, Catherine Deneuve (herself an ageless undying Egyptian vampire) targets Susan Sarandon as his replacement.

Catherine Deneuve
David Bowie
Susan Sarandon

Tony Scott