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Incredible Shrinking Woman, The (1981)

Lily Tomlin stars in this comedy as Pat Kramer, a frenetic American housewife who, falling victim to 20th-century technology, finds herself shrinking inch by inch after exposure to a new perfume.

Consumer firms and the media fall over themselves to exploit her, much to the delight of her advertising executive husband, Vance (Charles Grodin) but evil scientists from the Organization of World Management also want to jump on the bandwagon for their own sinister plans.

Pat also appears on The Mike Douglas Show and is befriended by a gorilla.

A very odd spoof on the wonderful The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957) brought bang up to date with some neat special effects but lacking the shock value of the original.

Pat Kramer/Judith Beasley
Lily Tomlin
Vance Kramer
Charles Grodin
Dan Beame
Ned Beatty
Dr Eugene Nortz
Henry Gibson
Dr Ruth Ruth
Elizabeth Wilson
Mark Blankfield
Maria Smith
Sandra Dyson
Pamela Bellwood
Tom Keller
John Glover
Logan Carver
Nicholas Hormann
Lyle Parks
Jim Mcmullan
Beth Kramer
Shelby Balik
Jeff Kramer
Justin Dana
Richard A. Baker
Mike Douglas

Joel Schumacher