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Inseminoid (1981)

Unfairly dismissed on its release as a low-budget imitation of Alien (1979), Norman J. Warren’s Inseminoid follows an archaeological team as they occupy a research facility on a remote, inhospitable planet.

Whilst investigating unexplored catacombs, Sandy (Judy Geeson) is attacked, raped and inseminated by an alien. When she is brought back to base, she is two months pregnant.

Growing heavier by the hour and consumed by an unnatural bloodlust, she destroys much of the installation and cannibalises her colleagues. After giving birth to alien twins, she loses her superhuman strength and is killed by Mark (Robin Clarke), who then becomes a victim of her offspring.

Only corpses remain to greet the rescue shuttle, which departs with two stowaway alien twins.

Stephanie Beacham is the most competent actress on show in a largely no-name cast but look out for Victoria Tennant as one of the victims.

Shot in four weeks in Chislehurst Caves in Kent, Inseminoid was known by the catchy title of Horror Planet in the USA for some reason.

Judy Geeson

Robin Clarke

Jennifer Ashley

Stephanie Beacham

Steven Grives

Barry Houghton
Rosalind Lloyd

Victoria Tennant

Norman J Warren