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Jane and the Lost City (1987)

Norman Pett’s Jane comic strip originally appeared in the Daily Mirror from December 1932 to October 1959 featuring the misadventures of a hapless heroine who had a disconcerting habit of losing her outer garments until she had to struggle through her various escapades in nothing more than her underwear.

A television version in the early 1980s starred the gorgeous Glynis Barber.

Here Jane is played by Kirsten Hughes. She is sent on a mission by the British government to a mythical Lost City in Africa to find diamonds before they fall into the hands of the Nazis.

She teams up with an American named Jungle Jack Buck (Sam Jones) and some Nazi villains (Maud Adams and Jasper Carrott) are out to stop them.

The direction is flat and the performances are terrible. Maud Adams, in particular, seems embarrassed to be here and Jasper Carrott’s desperate and unfunny mugging is almost painful to behold.

Kirsten Hughes
Jungle Jack Buck
Sam Jones
Lola Pagola
Maud Adams
Jasper Carrott
Graham Stark
The Colonel
Robin Bailey
Ian Roberts
Leopard Queen
Elsa O’Toole
Dr Schell
John Rapley
Paddy Rafferty
Charles Comyn
Captain Charles Fawcett
Ian Steadman
General Smythe-Paget
Graham Armitage
Richard Huggett
Nic Potgieter
Andrew Buckland

Terry Marcel