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Jazz Singer, The (1980)

Neil Diamond made his ‘acting’ debut as a cantor’s son who just wants to sing.

While Diamond had been one of the best pop singers of the 60s, he sank to a self-aggrandising low in yet another remake of the historic first talkie movie ever (but the scene with him in blackface still must be seen to be believed).

Unfortunately, despite the presence of that fine thespian Sir Laurence Olivier, this one was (and is) strictly for Neil Diamond fans only.

Jess Robin/Yussel Rabinovitch
Neil Diamond
Cantor Rabinovitch
Laurence Olivier
Molly Bell
Lucie Arnaz
Rivka Rabinovitch
Catlin Adams
Franklyn Ajaye
Keith Lennox
Paul Nicholas
Eddie Gibbs
Sully Boyar
Mike Kellin
Paul Rossini
James Booth
Luther Waters
Oren Waters
Rod Gist
Rabbi Birnbaum
Walter Janovitz
Aunt Tillie
Janet Brandt

Richard Fleischer