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Killer Party (1986)

It’s April Fool’s Day and the sisters of Sigma Alpha Pi have found the perfect place to throw a party: the abandoned Delta Sigma fraternity house where a guillotined student lost his head two decades ago in a practical joke gone slightly awry.

killerparty3But shortly after the revelry begins, the student body count starts to rise as the vengeful pledge returns from the grave and makes it a party to die for.

Featuring appearances by Eating Raoul‘s Paul Bartel, debuting Joanna Johnson (who a year later would graduate to her longtime best-known role on The Bold and the Beautiful) and teen heartthrob Martin Hewitt (Endless Love), plus a bangin’ performance of April (You’re No Fool) by ’80s hair metal band White Sister.

This Canadian horror classic is a one-of-a-kind slasher-horror-musical-sex comedy of terrors.

Joanna Johnson
Sherry Willis-Burch
Elaine Wilkes
Martin Hewitt
Ralph Seymour
Professor Zito
Paul Bartel
Alicia Fleer
Woody Brown

William Fruet