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Kitty and the Bagman (1983)

A notorious Australian flop set in Sydney during the Roaring 20s.

Kitty O’Rourke (Liddy Clark, pictured above) becomes a tough gangster after her thug husband ends up in jail. She befriends a crooked cop (“the Bagman”) and takes on the competition.

Prisoner: Cell Block H regulars Colette Mann and Val Lehmann (pictured below) also featured; Lehmann as ‘Big’ Lil Delaney (a gangster queen in a fierce rivalry with Kitty) and Mann as Doris de Salle, a close friend of Ms O’ Rourke.


The picture was filmed in Balmain and based on real-life Sydney underworld crime syndicate gang members Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine who were involved in brothels, razor gangs and booze running during the 1920s.

Their true-life feud also formed the basis of the Australian television crime series Underbelly: Razor (2008).

Kitty O’Rourke
Liddy Clark
David Bradshaw
The Bagman
John Stanton
Big Lil Delaney
Val Lehman
Doris de Salle
Colette Mann
Cyril Vikkers
Gerard McGuire
Sarah Jones
Kylie Foster
Danny Adcock
Railway detective
Terry Camilleri
Police Commissioner
Roger Carroll
Paul Chubb
Sergeant Pete
Barry Donnelly
Reg Evans
Simon Mornington
Anthony Hawkins
Edward Hepple

Donald Crombie