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Ladyhawke (1985)

Seeing this movie in the 1980s as a young man was to fall in love with Michelle Pfeiffer. And just as she is still one of the great screen beauties, Ladyhawke holds up well with age.

The Medieval tale of two lovers cursed to be apart as the result of a spell cast by the evil Bishop of Aquila (John Wood) and their quest to be reunited while putting an end to the evil bishop’s tyranny looks great in widescreen.

By day Etienne of Navarre (Rutger Hauer) is a knight who travels with a hawk, at night he is transformed into a wolf, and the hawk becomes the beautiful lady Isabeau (Michelle Pfeiffer).


Father Imperius (Leo McKern), who once betrayed the lovers to the bishop, helps them to undo the spell, and Matthew Broderick as the lover’s go-between, Phillipe Gaston – a young cutpurse who had been sentenced to death in the dungeons of Aquila but staged a miraculous escape –  gives a charming, nervy performance.

It’s just a pity about the tinny soft-rock soundtrack.

Phillipe Gaston
Matthew Broderick
Etienne of Navarre
Rutger Hauer
Isabeau of Anjou
Michelle Pfeiffer
Father Imperius
Leo McKern
Bishop of Aquila
John Wood
Captain Marquet
Ken Hutchison
Alfred Molina
Giancarlo Prete
Loris Loddi
Mr Pitou
Alessandro Serra
Mrs Pitou
Nicolina Papetti

Richard Donner