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Lair Of The White Worm, The (1988)

Nude nuns, lesbian catfights and snake-cult rituals; what else could this be but a Ken Russell fantasy sextravaganza?

In the Peak District, a reptile skull is found in the grounds of a building looked after by two sisters whose parents have disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

The unearthing of the skull, which archaeologist Angus Flint believes is linked to the legend of an ancient snake god, leads to a series of grotesque happenings.

Based on Bram Stoker’s least famous novel, and starring an unknown Hugh Grant, this Christianity versus Paganism tract is a delirious hoot from start to finish, so serious horror fans had better look elsewhere.

Those in the mood for side-splitting lunatic nonsense – the kind that has reptilian Amanda Donohoe nakedly writhing through her country mansion to snake-charming music – are on the right track.

Lady Sylvia Marsh
Amanda Donohoe
Lord James D’Ampton
Hugh Grant
Eve Trent
Catherine Oxenberg
Angus Flint
Peter Capaldi
Mary Trent
Sammi Davis
Stratford Johns
PC Erny
Paul Brooke
Dorothy Trent
Imogen Claire
Chris Pitt
Nurse Gladwell
Gina McKee
Joe Grant
Christopher Gable
Jesus Christ
Lloyd Peters

Ken Russell