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Light Of Day (1987)

Joe Rasnick (Michael J Fox) scrapes together a living and plays in a band (the Barbusters) in his spare time with his sister Patti (Joan Jett), who has a young child. They find it hard to make ends meet but decide to go on the road, despite the vigorous objections of their religious mother (Gena Rowlands).

Writer/director Paul Schrader’s attempt to graft his favourite theme of moral redemption on to a story of rock ‘n’ roll gets hopelessly bogged down in the sort of soul-searching and family strife one finds in Arthur Miller or Eugene O’Neill plays.

To make things worse, Fox is badly miscast as a factory worker-cum-rock singer from small-time, working-class Cleveland.

The film stumbles towards that most wretched of movie clichés – the terminal disease – which provokes even more soul-searching.

The title song is by Bruce Springsteen.

Joe Rasnick
Michael J Fox
Jeanette Rasnick
Gena Rowlands
Patti Rasnick
Joan Jett
Bu Montgomery
Michael McKean
Thomas G Waites
Cindy Montgomery
Cherry Jones
Gene Bodine
Michael Dolan
Billy Tettore
Paul J Harkins
Benji Rasnick
Billy L Sullivan
Benjamin Rasnick
Jason Miller
Reverend John Ansley
Tom Irwin

Paul Schrader