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Little Darlings (1980)

Primarily concerning a contest between two 15-year-old girl campers, Ferris (Tatum O’Neal) and Angel (Kristy McNichol,) to see which girl would lose her virginity first.

The other girls at Camp Little Wolf all placed bets on who would succeed – with a $100 prize purse.


Romantic and literate Ferris comes from a wealthy and privileged background while streetwise and chain-smoking Angel is from the wrong side of the tracks.

Both girls ultimately lied – the one who did it said she didn’t, and the one who didn’t said she did!

According to Hollywood, Summer Camp was either the place you became a sex maniac or the place you got hacked to death by a resident psychopath . . .

The summer camp scenes were filmed at Hard Labor Creek State Park on Fairplay Road, Rutledge, approximately 50 miles east of Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

Ferris Whitney 
Tatum O’Neal
Angel Bright
Kristy McNichol
Gary Callahan
Armand Assante
Randy Adams
Matt Dillon
Ms Bright
Maggie Blye
Mr Whitney
Nicolas Coster
Cinder Carlson
Krista Errickson
Alexa Kenin
Abby Bluestone
Cynthia Nixon
Simone Schachter
Jenn Thompson
Troas Hayes
Miss Nichols
Mary Betten
Mrs Whitney
Marianne Gordon

Ronald F. Maxwell