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Long Riders, The (1980)

In post-Civil War Missouri, the James-Younger gang are heroes to the local people but when one of their number gets trigger-happy during a bank raid, the authorities are determined to hunt them down.

Powerful novelty casting and a superb score by guitar maestro Ry Cooder are major draws in this authentic-looking, grim ‘n’ grimy western that concerns the events surrounding the notorious Northfield, Minnesota bank raid.

Directed by Walter Hill, it’s very reminiscent of The Wild Bunch (1969) in its use of slow-motion violence and flashbacks.

Three Carradines (David, Keith and Robert) play the Younger brothers, with Stacy and James Keach as Frank and Jesse James; Randy and Dennis Quaid portray the less familiar Miller boys while the Fords (Bob and Charlie) are brought to life by Nicholas and Christopher Guest.

Not to be outdone by the siblings, Pamela Reed gives a knockabout, heartfelt performance in an early role as fiery tough-as-nails madam Belle Starr.

Frank James
Stacy Keach
Cole Younger
David Carradine
Jim Younger
Keith Carradine
Bob Younger
Robert Carradine
Jesse James
James Keach
Ed Miller
Dennis Quaid
Clell Miller
Randy Quaid
John Younger
Kevin Brophy
George Arthur
Harry Carey Jr
Charlie Ford
Christopher Guest
Bob Ford
Nicholas Guest
Belle Starr
Pamela Reed
Sam Starr
James Remar
Beth Mimms
Amy Stryker

Walter Hill