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Mac and Me (1988)

Basically a 95-minute advertisement for McDonalds and Coca-Cola with a plot stolen from E.T. (1982), Mac and Me concerns wheelchair-bound adolescent Michael (Jonathan Ward) who moves to a new city and finds himself meeting up with a strange puppet, sorry . . . alien, named ‘Mac’ (as in “Big” one would assume), who waddles around like E.T.

The puppet, sorry . . . alien, is searching for his parents, who were picked up by a NASA space probe and are now somewhere in California and spend the duration of the movie crawling at a snail’s pace under the glare of the sun, stopping every now and again to emit sounds similar to that of a drunken elephant, making patterns in the air with their extended index finger (did we mention E.T.?)

One of the lead characters spends the entire film in a McDonald’s uniform, there is a ridiculous song and dance sequence which takes place at a McDonald’s restaurant (and features an extended cameo by Ronald McDonald), and the aliens are ultimately saved by drinking Coca Cola.

Since McDonald’s funded, promoted and endorsed Mac and Me – combined with the fact that their logo is shown from beginning to end – it is safe to assume that cast members were bussed in from a local McDonalds restaurant.

That would certainly explain the standard of “acting”.

Janet Cruise
Christine Ebersole
Michael Cruise
Jonathan Ward
Katrina Caspary
Lauren Stanley
Eric Cruise
Jade Calegory
Vinnie Torrente
Martin West
Ivan J. Rado
Jack Jr
Danny Cooksey
Laura Waterbury

Stewart Raffill