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Made In Britain (1982)

From a fact-based screenplay by David Leland (Wish You Were Here) and directed by Alan Clarke (Scum), Made In Britain is a hard-hitting drama that received huge acclaim when it was first screened.

Trevor (Tim Roth in an unforgettable screen debut) is a teenage skinhead. Caught smashing the windows of a Pakistani-owned shop he is sent to an assessment centre by social worker Harry (Eric Richard) where it is discovered he is highly articulate and intelligent.

But when he escapes, steals cars and goes berserk, can Harry still save him?

Made In Britain depicts the relationship between Harry and the tattooed, contemptuous racist Trevor – and the reasons behind the latter’s violence – with documentary-style naturalism.

Tim Roth
Harry Parker
Eric Richard
Peter Clive
Bill Stewart
Barry Giller
Sean Chapman
Geoffrey Hutchings
Errol Dupray
Terry Richards

Alan Clarke