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Maid To Order (1987)

Following a brush with the law for reckless driving, the pampered lifestyle of rich and spoilt Beverly Hills girl Jessie Montgomery (Ally Sheedy) is transformed when a fairy godmother (Beverly D’Angelo) removes her identity after her widowed father (Tom Skerritt) wishes he never had a daughter.

Without money, family or friends, Jessie is forced to take a job as a maid to selfish Malibu showbiz couple Stan and Georgette Starkey (Dick Shawn and Valerie Perrine) and their daughter Brie (Rainbow Phoenix).

Jessie learns the hard way to coexist with the Starkey’s staff, Cook (Merry Clayton), maid (Begona Plaza) and handsome young chauffeur (Michael Ontkean).

What begins as a cruel nightmare unfolds into a fairytale lesson about the meaning of true friendship and love.

Hollywood delights in telling modern fairy stories but does so with such little imagination that their interpretations rarely entertain as they should. This is a story of wish fulfilment, but if the majority of the cast were given the chance they would probably have wished for a sharper script than this one.

Sheedy is too nice to convince as a spoilt brat, but Valerie Perrine and Dick Shawn are good value as the vulgar wannabes who hire her as their maid.

Jessie Montgomery
Ally Sheedy
Beverly D’Angelo
Nick McGuire
Michael Ontkean
Georgette Starkey
Valerie Perrine
Stan Starkey
Dick Shawn
Charles Montgomery
Tom Skerritt
Audrey James
Merry Clayton
Begona Plaza
Brie Starkey
Rainbow Phoenix
Leland Crooke

Amy Holden Jones