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Moscow On The Hudson (1984)

Robin Williams had his best role to date in Moscow On The Hudson – an affectionate comedy in which he played Vladimir Ivanoff, a Russian circus musician who defects while visiting New York on a US tour.

Basically a springboard from which to make some observations and comparisons between life in the USSR and a freer existence in America, the movie was strong on characterisation though short on plot.

Williams took full advantage of his ‘alien abroad’ role, which, as fans of his TV series Mork And Mindy would know, was hardly new to this talented actor.

Cleavant Derricks played a black security guard who gives Williams sanctuary in his home in Harlem, Maria Conchita Alonso was his Italian girlfriend (who helps him receive official US citizenship) and Alejandro Rey played an immigration attorney, with other roles going to Savely Kramarov, Elya Baskin and Oleg Rudnik.

Vladimir Ivanoff
Robin Williams
Lucia Lombardo
Maria Conchita Alonso
Lionel Witherspoon
Cleavant Derricks
Orlando Ramirez
Alejandro Rey
Savely Kramarov
Elya Baskin
Oleg Rudnik
Vladimir’s grandfather
Alexander Beniaminov
Vladimir’s mother
Ludmila Kramarevsky
Vladimir’s father
Ivo Vrzal

Paul Mazursky