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Mystic Pizza (1988)

Encouraging proof that small budgets and unknown actors can sometimes produce big hits through word of mouth, this is a warm and inviting look into the lives of three appealing young women who work as waitresses in a pizza parlour in Mystic, Connecticut.

Too old for dolls and too young for marriage, they’re all on the threshold of leaving behind their teenage girlhood and on the verge of responsibility, commitment, and leaving home.

Julia Roberts is Daisy, the gorgeous, brassy, sexy one – on the verge of becoming the town tramp until she meets a rich preppie. Annabeth Gish is her naive but brainy sister, Kat – on her way to Yale until she falls for a married architect.

But it is really pint-sized Lili Taylor who will steal your heart as energetic JoJo, indecisive on the eve of her wedding.

Kat Arujo
Annabeth Gish
Daisy Arujo
Julia Roberts
Jojo Barboza
Lili Taylor
Bill Montijo
Vincent D’Onofrio
Tim Travers
William R. Moses
Charles ‘Charlie’ Gordon Windsor Jr
Adam Storke
Leona Valsouano
Conchata Ferrell
Mrs Margaret Arujo
Joanna Merlin
Phoebe Travers
Porscha Radcliffe
Arthur Walsh
John Fiore
Mr Ed Barboza
Gene Amoroso
Mrs Barboza
Sheila Ferrini
Nicole Travers
Janet Zarish
Laurie O’Brien
Mr Windsor
John Cunningham
mysticpizza2Polly Windsor
Ann Flood
Aunt Tweedy
Suzanne Sheperd
‘Steamer’ Windsor
Matt Damon
Uncle Ned
Jack Ringstad
Jody Raymond
James O’Connor
Jeri Leer
Robin Joss
Ray Zuppa
Ray Paul
Timothy Burke
Bill Devany

Donald Petrie