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Nightmare On Elm Street (Part 5): The Dream Child (1989)

nightmareonelmstreet5_001Psycho child molester Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) again survives through thick and thin in this unimaginative body counter sequel.

Alice Johnson (Lisa Wilcox) thinks she’s banished “the bastard son of a thousand maniacs” from her life until she’s made pregnant by college jock Dan (Danny Hassel).

Because, according to the jumbled script, a foetus can dream a few days after conception, and Freddy seizes this chance to enter her subconscious once more via her unborn child and finger-blade her unbelieving friends to death.


The Dream Child is a legitimate horror movie, not just another roller-coaster Freddy sequel, not just a lark with Freddy as a circus ringleader.

Director Stephen Hopkins valiantly tries to paper over the huge cracks in the derivative low-energy thrills by replacing vapid gore with furious pacing, sudden shock cuts and rock video-style cartoonish imagery, but the womb with a view concept never puts it on a convincingly empathetic footing.

Freddy Krueger
Robert Englund
Alice Johnson
Lisa Wilcox
Danny Hassel
Kelly Jo Minter
Erika Anderson
Joe Seely

Stephen Hopkins